Frequently Asked Questions

With which Unity versions is ProCamera2D compatible?

ProCamera2D is fully compatible with Unity 5.4 and up (2017.X, 2018.X). Fully tested on all major versions.

Does ProCamera2D need a Pro license?

No, ProCamera2D works exactly the same with either a Pro or a Free/Personal license.

Does ProCamera2D work on mobile?

Yes, ProCamera2D works on all platforms supported by Unity.

Does ProCamera2D work with perspective cameras?

Yes! All features work exactly the same either with a perspective or an orthographic camera. The only exception is the Parallax plugin that only works on orthographic cameras, since that with a perspective camera you automatically get “free parallax”.


If you have a quick question or simply want to leave some feedback, please use the Unity forums thread. If you want a more in-depth technical support, it's recommended to use the dedicated ProCamera2D's forum.


You can also find me on Twitter. It's a bit limited but good for quick questions.


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